Inner Lines, nominé pour le prix de la création sonore au Film Festival for the art of the real – MIRAGE à Oslo / 12-16 octobre 2022

« Just like the mountain; harsh and relentless, the landscape of Mount Ararat contains the stories and testimonies of the Yezidi  and armenian people. Inner Lines is simply a magnificent film that takes your breath away, makes you cry, angry and fascinated at the same time. A must see from this years program. » (Mirage Film Festival for the Art of the Real)


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Thursday 13th October
Inner Lines
 + Intro: MIRAGE Festival and Program Director; Racha Helen Larsen
Vega 1
Sunday 16th October
Inner Lines
 + Intro: MIRAGE programmer and cinematographer Egil Håskjold Larsen
Vega Salongen