Inner Lines a reçu le prix du Jury à l’Euganea Film Festival (Italie)

Le Jury était composé de Alessandro Marotto, Peter Zeitlinger and Maria Letizia Gatti.
Here are their words about Inner Lines :

For the exceptional sensitivity with which the director bears witness to the wounds that lacerate the bodies and memories of the Yezidi and Armenian peoples, victims of brutal genocide, violence and persecution for centuries.
Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd, Belgian anthropologist, makes a lyrical and poetic, powerful and intimate film where the most brutal violence remains off-screen but reverberates in the words and songs of the exiles, moving us deeply.
The 16mm images, of sepulchral beauty, show close-ups of the drowned and the saved, the marches of the young soldiers, the feeble lights of the votive candles, the clasped hands of the mothers, a poignant dance step.
In this offended land, in the winter landscapes of Mount Ararat, Vandeweerd welcomes stories buried alive by the violence of war and the oblivion of history: a cinema of the invisible and the unspeakable that asks us viewers to watch and listen.
The inner lines are traces of a silent and hidden pain just as hidden and silent are the escape routes traveled by carrier pigeons, the last messengers of a mirage of salvation for a people that exists and resists thanks to the tenacity of women and men who fight for survival.